Oliver Hoerr
Interactive Media Design
About Me
My name is Oliver Hoerr and I am an Interactive Media Design Student at Hochschule Darmstadt. My strength is designing, programming and managing projects. I'm looking forward to deepen these skills in a leading company. As a result of my projects my ability to work in a team is on a highly efficient level. I have unconventional solutions and know how to obtain new skills to benefit my current project.
Please don't hesitate to contact me at oliver@o-hoerr.de. I gained more experience with every project. Here is a short list of some of my skills. I'm looking forward to broadening my skillset further and it would be my pleasure to do this at your company.
  • Concept
    Unconventional, Methodical
  • Coding
    Java, HTML, Jquery, CSS, VVVV
  • Design
    App design, Web design
  • Managment
    Team and Projectmanagment
  • PerspActive
    Allow me to introduce the PerspActive App. The goal is to connect four strangers to participate in a group activity. The users have to answer one out of four questions. The application will link the user with three other users who picked the remaining three questions. No user knows which answer the other three participant provided. The suggested unconventional activity is based on the responses and might ask the user for a lot of creativity. After the activity is accomplished, a unique experience will remain.
    The participants have the option to save the event as a picture in the timeline. Ali Dindin, Lennart Czienskowski, Tim Strack and I developed PerspActive. Every team member was involved in different tasks. I participated in concept and screen design. We decided to invest more time in the concept as planed. The Team was forced to be highly effective finishing the realization in the given time limit. This change benefited the project and taught us to concept methodically and use management techniques.
    Simulight is a simulation making light touchable. Our motivation was to provide fun and enable people to learn more without even noticing. By using a multitouch table the user will understand the behavior of light while trying to solve the different level. The goal of the game is to point the light beam into the target. To achieve that the user has to use different objects like mirrors or prism. The difficulty increases based on the level.
    The application is designed for exhibitions and museums. I was part of the concept team. Also it was my responsibility to program our application in Java. We learned how to build a multitouch table with a projector and two different acrylic plates to create a good surface. It was important for us that the application can run on standard computers. Our team members were: Felix Gillmann, Rafael Maeuer (shown on the pictures), Theresia Schmidt and me.
    Boxes of Light
    The last project I want to present is an Interactive projection mapping . It transforms normal paper boxes into a 3-Dimensional illusion. The user can manipulate the content with his movements. This evolves for example moving the light source and pushing the boxes in. We used VVVV and a projector to create this illusion. A Microsoft Kinect tracks the position of arms and heads of the users.
    While the arms are used to interact with the art installation the position of the head is crucial for the perspective. The program decides automatically which user is in demand if more persons are in range. Rafael Maeuer and me are proud to present our project in the showroom of the Hochschule Darmstadt.